Have you ever wondered...

Is Jesus God? Who is Jesus....really?

Does God have a plan? What is it? Our world is a mess.

Didn't God create Satan? Why can't God simply stop him?

Why does it seem like God is blessing others - and not me?

Why doesn't God answer my prayers?

Does God ever punish people for the things that they do?

Why was I born?

Was I really created in God's image? How?

Can I really know God - like a friend? 

How can I live a life that is full of incredible blessings? 
You will find answers to all of these questions in our
 free book on this web site. We reference over
700 Bible verses in our book - which also
makes it a great study guide.

 Jim Harper, author 



God's gift is free, therefore our book is free

Yep, our book is totally free. It comes as a 184-page paperback book (request a copy on our Contact Us page), it can be read as e-book (available on our download page - for iPads, Kindles, Smart Phones, Windows PCs, and more), and it also comes as an audio book - you can listen to the book directly from this web site. Pick your style and then sit back and learn. There is no better way to learn what the Bible says and to understand God's will for your life!

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