Have you ever wondered...

- Who is Jesus? 

- How can God be three Persons?

- Can I really know God – like a close friend?
- I’ve heard that I am like God. How?

- I pray, but God doesn't answer my prayers. Why?
- Why is there so much pain and misery in our world?

- Who is Satan – and how much power does he really have?

- Does God ever punish me for the thing that I do?
- Why does it seem like God is blessing others, and not me?

- How do I get into heaven?
- Why was I born, and what is God's will for my life?
- What can I do to live a life full of purpose and meaning?

 If you have ever asked any of these questions, but haven't found answers - our free book is for you. Our book references over 700 Bible verses to give you God's Truth. Be sure to visit our Testimonials page to see how eyes all over the world are being opened to God's grand plan.
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 Jim Harper, author 



God's gift is free, therefore our book is free
Yep, our book is free. It comes as a 184-page paperback (request a free copy on our Contact Us page), or it can also be opened and read right here and now - right from this web site. Go to our Read the Book Now page.   

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